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Discover ICO main features

  • What is ICO ?

ICO is a small connected device that you simply drop into the pool. ICO continuously analyzes the water quality of your pool and notifies you via its application. ICO provides personalized recommendations so that you use the right products in the right proportions at the right time. ICO knows how to anticipate the water variations and prevents you from unpleasant surprises by, among other things, keeping an eye on the weather forecast and the variations of your pool.

This way, you are directly notified on your mobile application of the best practices to a simple but effective maintenance of your pool and equipment.

ICO is specially designed so that everyone is able to maintain their pool in a simple way.

  • What data is used by ICO to analyze the water quality?

Equipped with 4 sensors, ICO continuously measures the following parameters:

-Water temperature

-pH level

-Disinfection capacity (called Redox). Thanks to this, ICO is able to estimate the concentration of chlorine and other disinfections agents.

-Water conductivity, which allows ICO to estimate the concentration of salt and minerals.

In order to provide a developed quality analysis, ICO also integrate factors such as the weather forecast, alkalinity, hardness of the water, stabilizer and UV Index.

  • What kinds of recommendations are given by ICO?

The first recommendations from ICO are linked to the use of products for disinfection and pool maintenance.

-If you manually add maintenance products, you will see on your application recommendations for the correct amount, and you will be guided towards the appropriate treatment products.

-If you have an automated system, such as pH dosing pumps, salt-water cholorinator etc., you will be guided towards the good usage and configuration of this equipment.

ICO will also guide you regarding good practices adapted to the variations of your pool in order to simplify the routine maintenance and protect the equipment.

ICO helps you to optimize disinfection (filter cleaning, analysis of water balance…) and gives you advice about winterization and opening your pool for the next season in order to both improve your swimming comfort and limit the maintenance budget.


  • Is ICO compatible with my pool?

ICO is compatible with the following treatment systems:


-Salt-water chlorination


Concerning the types of pools, ICO is compatible with all construction profiles, should they be above or below the ground, tiled or with a liner, reinforced membrane, etc. ICO is also compatible with all types of equipment, sand filter, variable motor pump or not, etc.

If you have a cover, don’t worry, ICO will just slide underneath it. Its design also allows it to be compatible with inside pools as well as infinity pools.

  • Why do I need ICO if I have an automated system ?

If you have an automated maintenance system, ICO will send you usage recommendations, equipement adjustments (such as pH dosing pumps, salt-water chlorinator, etc…), and check the status of your installation.

  • Why does ICO connect to the weather?

Climatic events (wind, rain, storm…) have a great impact on the water quality. ICO connects to the weather and collects data concerning the upcoming temperature in order to, among other things, anticipate possible variations of the water.

With its immediate connection to the weather, ICO informs you by sending useful notifications. This way, you can cover your pool in time, to avoid losing several degrees in your pool’s temperature in the case of strong winds, for example.

  • Why doesn’t ICO have a solar panel?

ICO is specially designed to work continuously, anywhere, in all types of pools, thus including indoor pools, in the skimmer, or under a cover. In all the mentioned cases, ICO would not be able to receive any solar radiation and thus not function

  • Does ICO inject the necessary products directly?

No, ICO is an analysis device that notifies you of the necessary products adjustments, via its application.

  • Does ICO have an alarm role when something or someone falls into the pool?

No, ICO is not a security feature and thus does not integrate an alarm function.

How does ICO work?

  • ICO the connected device

    Before placing it into the water, you have to press the start button and download the application on your smartphone. Once it is in the water, ICO navigates in completly on its own, analyzing the parameters of your pool.

    Discreet and robust, it can float in the skimmer and under the cover. Through the application, you can configure the access to the communication network and the parameters of your pool with a simple click.

  • What are the sensors for?

    Equipped with 4 sensors, ICO continuously measures the following:

    • Water temperature
    • pH level
    • Disinfection capacity (called Redox). Thanks to this, ICO is able to estimate the concentration of chlorine and other disinfections agents.
    • Water conductivity, which allows ICO to estimate the concentration of salt and minerals.

    All sensors are replaceable except the temperature sensor.

  • How to replace a sensor?

    It is very easy to replace a sensor: you just need to unclip the previous one and replace it with the new one by slightly turning it in the intended direction. Each sensor has a specific color that is used as a reference during the changing of the sensor.

  • What is the lifetime of the sensors?

    During normal use, the sensors are designed to last several years (from 2 to 4 years for Redox and pH according to winter conditions and more than 5 years for the conductivity).

  • Wireless communication

    ICO integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    Wi-Fi allows ICO to connect to your internet box. In the case of non-reception of the Wi-Fi alongside your pool, it is very simple to extend it to the garden thanks to a Wi-Fi extender.

    ICO is linked to your smartphone or tablet thanks to its mobile application via Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

  • When and how do I recharge ICO?

    ICO has a long-life battery lasting several months and is intended to be recharged once a season. To recharge it, you can use the 5V charger and its USB cable. It is as simple as recharging your phone.

  • Is my smartphone compatible with the application?

    ICO’s application is compatible with Android (from the 5.0 version) and iOS (from the 10.0 version).

  • Do I have to take ICO out of the pool when I’m swimming?

    ICO is designed to stay in the water with swimmers. However, if you want to, you can place it in the skimmer or take it out of the water (but don’t forget to protect the sensors with the protective caps and the humidified sponges).

Should I calibrate ICO when I receive it?

  • No. ICO is delivered calibrated and loaded, ready to use! We recommend that you calibrate your ICO each time you restart your pool or spa, starting with the 2nd season of use, in order to maintain accurate measurements and optimize the life of your sensors.

More questions about calibration ? Calibration FAQ

The maintenance and winterizing of ICO

Can I let ICO stay out of the water?

If you wish to take ICO out of the water, it is possible; however, you need to replace the humidified caps on each sensor. These protective caps are specifically designed to maintain the durability of your sensors.

Should it be for a long or short time, it is highly recommended to put the protective caps on the sensors. For the winter, do not hesitate to put ICO back in its original box to take it out in the best conditions next season.

Is it necessary to activate the Bluetooth on my cell phone to use ICO ?

A Bluetooth connection is only necessary during configuration and to access some specific features through the app. If a Bluetooth connection is required, you will be receiving a message in the app telling you what to do. Do not try to find ICO within the bluetooth device list of your phone.

Is ICO compatible with home automation systems?

  • Yes, you can connect ICO to your Alexa* voice assistant using the “ICO” skill. There are also Eedomus and Jeedom plug-ins for ICO, as well as an API to allow you to develop your own solutions (technical skills required).*Not yet available for Google Home, Apple Home kit

Prices, warranty and sales conditions

  • Where can I get an ICO?

    You can buy your ICO at our approved dealers. To find your dealer : https://ondilo.com/en/authorized-resellers

  • What does the price include ?

    By ordering an ICO, you will receive ICO itself, the application to download which is compatible with Android and iOS, 4 integrated sensors, one 5V charger with its USB cable, an access tool to the USB, an emergency kit (test strips), and an instruction manual.

  • Is ICO guaranteed?

    The body of ICO is guaranteed 2 years and the sensors 1 year.

Security and data confidentiality

The company ONDILO benefits from the services of a computing and freedom correspondent from the incubator “Belle de mai”, if you have any questions, please contact him at cil@ondilo.com

Any data related to your pool (such as the pH level, alkalinity, temperature…) as well as data provided by the user via the application (name, surname, address, type of pool…) are collected by Ondilo and are by no means disclosed.

Our partner hosts of data are recognized for the quality and security of their infrastructures and systems.

Having some troubles?

If you experience a problem with your ICO, please contact our after-sale service, which will answer all of your questions. Click here to go to the Contact Form.